Storm Surge 2017!

Soldiers, Veterans, Family, Friends and Supporters:

January 16th marks the 26th Anniversary of Operation Desert Storm. On February 26th, Kuwaiti citizens will celebrate their Day of Liberation, made entirely possible by the sacrifice and dedication of over 500,000 American and Coalition soldiers from around the world.  Despite the overwhelming success of the war, we mustn't forget that 383 American soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice.  The first step to our goal is tangible, we are almost ready to break ground on this historic project.

The National Desert Storm War Memorial Association is facing an immediate need of $250,000.00 in order to proceed with the Memorial. We are launching a 31-day Fundraising Campaign (Jan 28 - Feb 28) to coincide with 26th Anniversary of the Ceasefire of Operation Desert Storm and the Liberation of Kuwait.

As we move forward with S.J. Res 1 and the vote in the Senate,  our immediate financial needs are $250,000.00. This money is critically needed in order to complete the site selection process and get down to the FINAL location.   

Go now to to make your donation!

I thank you in advance for your consideration to help our mutual cause, the recognition and remembrance of the lives given for freedom, and the families left behind, furthermore the thousands of Desert Storm veterans still recovering from the effects of war. 

With humble appreciation,

Scott C Stump
National Desert Storm War Memorial

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