Call to Action – Fill out a Web Form or write a letter to Help Secure the Area near the Vietnam Memorial

The time is approaching fast where we need to have YOU, your family, friends, veterans organizations and others you know to write to the NCMAC board supporting the National Desert Storm War Memorial and  to go where the NDSWM Association is encouraging it to go - IN WASHINGTON D.C.

Please write and mail a letter to:

National Capital Memorial Advisory Commission
Attn: Glenn DeMarr, Secretary to the Commission
1100 Ohio Drive, S.W., Room 220
Washington, D.C., 20242  

Or use this web-link to submit comments online:

Please use these bullet points in your comments:

1. Our Fallen - 383 American Service members in support of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm
2. The 600,000+ American Service members that served in support of DS/DS
3. The liberation of Kuwait
4. The 34 country coalition nations aspect
5. That this memorial should be located CLOSE to the Vietnam Memorial because of our close ties to Vietnam, since ALL of our Senior Leadership were Vietnam Veterans along with many in the field that served previously in Vietnam.

Thank you for taking the time to write on ALL of our behalf!

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