End of 2018 - Message from NDSWM


Dear friends and supporters, 

There are only a few days left in 2018, and we are hard at work setting our priorities for the new year. For over 8 years, The National Desert Storm War Memorial Association has been leading the charge to construct the National Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial in Washington, D.C.  As you know, 2018 was a BIG year for our cause, especially after securing our building site at 23rd & Constitution, near the Lincoln Memorial. In spite of this major victory, a lot of work lies ahead of us in order to dedicate the memorial on Veterans Day of 2021.

I wanted to make sure you saw our top priorities for 2019:

· Continue working with our design team to create an iconic and breathtaking memorial design, which accurately tells this important story, and which honors all who made the ultimate sacrifice and all who served.

· Receive Design Approval from the Commission of Fine Arts

· Raise 110% of $40 Million needed to complete the Memorial (Required
Prior to Breaking Ground) 

· We have raised roughly $8 million of our $40 million dollar goal:  
$6 million relates to the memorial site award and $2 million from individuals, businesses and Veteran Service Organizations.

Your generous gift today can play a critical role in helping these goals become a reality in 2019 by making a year-end donation to NDSWM before midnight on December 31.

My team and I continue to work hard to ensure that this lasting legacy is fulfilled! Your support would enable us to succeed at making the National Desert Storm & Desert Shield Memorial a reality!

Thank you for your continued support and here’s wishing you and your family a Happy and Healthy 2019!


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Scott C. Stump